OWL ALERT May 7: Keep Low Income Elders and People with DisabilitiesIn Their Rented Homes

SITUATION: As housing costs rise, older adults and adults with disabilities living in California on a fixed income are at higher risk for experiencing severe rental cost burden. Older adults and those with disabilitiesespecially those without families to call onare thus more at risk for homelessness.

State Senate Bill SB37 would provide housing subsidies to older adults and adults with disabilities, who are experiencing such burden and possible risk of homelessness. Rental subsidies could also make it possible for many living in overburdened nursing facilities and who wish to live independently to return to the community.

ACTION: Contact your senator and voice your support for SB37, which makes it possible for many older adults to expand their choices and continue to live independently in the community. Contact friends and family who vote in California and urge them to contact their representatives.

Click HERE to identify your California State Senator, and find their contact information.