Big Oil does not want you to know that they get millions of dollars of subsidies in California every year.

SITUATION: The corporations responsible for decades of climate destruction are padding their profits with our tax dollars—on top of the hundreds of billions of dollars they make selling polluting oil and gas. Then, they turn around and use that money to subvert our democracy for their gain. Between 2020 and 2022, oil corporations and their trade groups spent more than $36.3 million in California alone lobbying state regulators and elected officials to delay climate action.

Even this year, when faced with a multi-billion dollar budget deficit, our state still gave away millions in subsidies to fossil fuel corporations and cut climate investments as a result.

California must stop bailing out wealthy fossil fuel corporations.

ACTION: Governor Newsom has the power to end their special treatment and reinvest that money in a climate-safe future. Newsom will unveil his next budget proposal in January. This is our chance to make sure not a single cent of taxpayer money goes to oil and gas corporations. Email and/or call Governor Newsom: END FOSSIL FUEL SUBSIDIES.

Governor Gavin Newsom
1021 O Street, Suite 900
Sacramento, CA  95814
(916) 445-2841
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