OWL ALERT May 18: Tell Biden and Feinstein to Protect Medicare

Situation: Government audits have uncovered millions of dollars’ worth of overcharges by Medicare Advantage Plans due to improper diagnosis coding in billing Medicare. This practice drains the Medicare Trust Fund that we have contributed to over the years. 

Additionally, the Department of Justice has joined False Claims Acts lawsuits against private insurance companies to recover these overpayments and to prevent privatization of Medicare and profiteering by investor-backed insurance companies who reap profits rather than focus on improved and accessible health care for all.

1) Contact President Biden and urge him to continue to protect Medicare by preventing Medicare Advantage plans from draining the Medicare Trust Fund.
2) Contact Dianne Feinstein who sits on the Senate’s Judiciary Committee and ask her to continue to support the False Claims Act lawsuits by the Justice Department, which aim to recover Medicare overpayments to private insurance companies due to their improper up-coding of diagnoses

Joe Biden
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Diane Feinstein
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