San Francisco Cares:

Inclusivity and Accessibility

in Senior Arts Programming

Tue. May 23, 12-2p (Free and open to the public)

SFAC Main Gallery

401 Van Ness Ave. Ste. 125

(War Memorial Veterans Building)

SF, CA 94102

Please join us for this special event!

Arts programming provides participants with a forum for expressing themselves while cultivating a sense of identity and belonging. Our vision is a society in which every older adult engages in the creative arts as part of their healthy and vibrant longevity.

A panel of San Francisco senior service providers and participants will discuss how creative programming impact the lives of older adults and adults with disabilities, including strategies to foster inclusive, accessible environments.


Mark Campbell – Executive Director Art With Elders
Katie Wade – Senior Director of Creative Engagement, Front Porch Community Services
Jessica McCracken – Director of Creative Spark, Front Porch Community Services
Cindy Kauffman – Deputy Director of Community Services, Department of Disability and Aging Services
Liv Schaffer – Intergenerational Programs Director, EngAGE; Director, Dance Generators; Professor, USF
Lizette Suarez – Director of Well Connected Español
Virginia Jourdan – AWE Artist Instructor
Kim Ringle – AWE Artist Participant – Openhouse

Cover art: “Solitary Confinement” by Kim Ringle – Openhouse