OWLSF Advocates for Community Resources

A letter from OWLSF President, Melanie Grossman, to the Secretary of the San Francisco Health Commission.


From: Melanie Grossman, PhD, MSW

Email: melaniedgrossman@gmail.com

Date: April 4, 2023

Dear Mr. Morewitz/Health Commission Secretary:

Please forward this to the Health Commission and also use the statement below for the minutes of the April 4 Health Commission in the general comments section.

Dear Health Commissioners:

Please schedule a hearing on Sutter/CPMC’s plans for use of the warm pool at Davies Hospital so that the public has an opportunity to express their concerns. There has been a trend toward hospitals all over San Francisco who are registered as not for profit institutions to eliminate community programs that do not garner profits for these supposedly nonprofit hospitals.

Sutter’s warm water pool  provides services to community members who are physically disabled, often in pain and trying to regain mobility and independence. Please do not let this service be the latest in a long line of cuts by Sutter on services that are not profitable for their bottom line. A hearing is absolutely necessary to review this latest rollback in services for the community.

Respectfully submitted,

Melanie Grossman, PhD, LSW

President of OWL-SF