Come learn about the current state of issues, legislation and resources
impacting people from other countries who hope to live in the U.S.

OWLSF again welcomes knowledgeable and dynamic presenter
Rev. Deborah Lee
Executive Director of the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity,
speaking about:

          ♦    Demographics of immigration: The Immigrants and why they immigrate
          ♦    Legal Issues of Immigration: Asylum, Deportation, and DACA
          ♦    Resources for Immigrants: Federal, State, and Local
          ♦    Actions we can take

Rev. Deborah Lee has worked at the intersection of faith and social justice for over 25 years in community organizing and advocacy connecting issues of race, gender, economic justice and immigrant rights. Her work has been recognized as innovative and impactful, with many awards, including the United Nation’s Association of the East Bay and East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy.

To llisten to an audio recording of the meeting, go to:!BOcjC88eJNeggZMC4ZUNbY4rFemxUQ?e=Me6JcV