OWL ALERT May 26, 2021

Fight Back Against Pollution in the Bay Area

SITUATION: Big Oil Lobbyists are trying to kill a landmark rule before the Air District Board to demand installation of “scrubbers” to remove harmful particles, gases, or chemical byproducts from the industrial smokestacks of the Bay Area’s oil refineries.



  1. Call, email or write Supervisor Shamann Walton (the most pivotal SF member) urging him to vote in favor of the “strict scrubber rule for refineries.” 

Shamann Walton, Dist. 10, 415-554-7670, Shamann.Walton@sfgov.org


  1. Call the Air District Board of Directors.

Leave a message (press option #5) at (415) 749-4900

Here’s a suggestion of your message

Dear Supervisor Walton / Board of Directors,

I’m counting on your vote to adopt the STRICT rule for scrubbers on Bay Area oil refineries.  This technology is already in use at most refineries in the US.  I know that you are concerned about the frontline communities who are most impacted by particulate air pollution.  Please help us protect them and ourselves!