OWL Alert May 12, 2021


 SITUATION: “Ghost Guns” are becoming increasingly popular in the Bay Area because they can be bought legally without a background check and shipped to any location.  44% of guns recovered from San Francisco homicides are ghost guns. They are a public safety threat as mounting numbers are being found in the aftermath of gang violence, burglaries and neighborhood shootings.

ACTION:   New legislation, proposed by Supervisor Catherine Stefani, completely bans the possession and sale of ghost guns and their untraceable components. 

Call and email your supervisor and tell him or her to make our communities safer and stop the surge of shootings across our city by supporting this “Ghost Gun” legislation.

Contacts for Supervisors:

Connie Chan, Dist. 1, 415-554-7410, ChanStaff@sfgov.org

Catherine Stefani, Dist. 2, 415-554-7752, Catherine.Stefani@sfgov.org

Aaron Peskin, Dist. 3, 415-554-7450, Aaron.Peskin@sfgov.org

Gordon Mar, Dist. 4, 415-554-7460, Gordon.Mar@sfgov.org

Dean Preston, Dist. 5, 415-554-7630, Dean.Preston@sfgov.org

Matt Haney, Dist. 6, 415-554-7970, Matt.Haney@sfgov.org

Myrna Melgar, Dist. 7, (415) 554-6516, MelgarStaff@sfgov.org

Rafael Mandelman, Dist. 8, 415-554-6968, MandelmanStaff@sfgov.org

Hillary Ronen, Dist. 9, 415-554-5144, Hillary.Ronen@sfgov.org

Shamann Walton, Dist. 10, 415-554-7670, Shamman.Walton@sfgov.org

Ashsa Safai, Dist. 11, 415-554-6975, Ahsha.Safai@sfgov.org