PROP 15 SCHOOLS & COMMUNITIES FIRST is on the November Ballot!

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SITUATION: OWLs have backed this measure for decades.  Thanks to all of you who have called, written your CA legislators, signed petitions, collected signatures and donated to this effort. More people signed petitions to put this on the ballot than any other petition in California history!

 ACTION:  Prop 15 will guarantee long term revenue for schools and community services. Corporations are not paying their fair share of property tax because corporate property changes hands less frequently than homes. (Disneyland, Chevron, Trump owned 555 Calif Street, Trump National Golf Club-L.A., Blackstone Group among hundreds more)  The opportunity is here to help schools and communities reclaim $12 billion each year.  Evolve California is one of many groups dedicated to passing Prop 15 on November 3rd. To volunteer, donate or to find out more: