CA AB 2377 Adult Residential Closure Act

OWL ALERT April 4 -10, 2020

If not us, then who?

SITUATION:  Adult residential homes in California are closing at an alarming rate.  These facilities commonly referred to as “Board and Care,” house some of our most vulnerable older citizens who are no longer able to live independently in the community.  At this time it is more important than ever to have safe housing to prevent homelessness.

ACTION:This bill requires a licensee of a Board and Care home to take all reasonable steps to transfer residents safely to minimize possible transfer trauma. and provides for more stringent closure requirements.  Contact your Assemblyperson today and ask for their support on Assembly Bill 2377


Sacramento Local Sacramento Address
Assemblyman Phil Ting  (SF Dist 19) 916-319-2019 415-557-2312 P.O.Box 942849, Sacto 94249-0019
Assemblyman David Chiu,  (SF  Dist 17) 916-319-2017 415-557-3013 P.O.Box  942849, Sacto 94249-0017
Assemblyman Evan Low (Cupertino Dist. 28 916-319-2028 408-446-2810 P.O.Box 942849, Sacto 94249-0028
Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks (Oak Dist15) 916-319-2015 510-286-1400 P.O.Box 942849, Sacto 94249-0015
Assemblyman Jim Wood (Santa Rosa Dist 2) 916-319-2002 707-576-2526 P.O.Box 942849, Sacto 94249-0002
Assemblyman Kevin Mullin (SanMateoDst 22 916-319-2022 650-349-2200 P.O.Box 942849, Sacto 94249-0022
Assemblyman Rob Bonta (Oak Dist 18) 916-319-2018 510-286-1670 P.O,Box 942849, Sacto 94249–0018
Assemblywoman Rebecca Bauer-Kahan 916-319-2016 925-328-1515 P.O.Box 942849, Sacto 94249–0016
Assemblyman Marc Levine (SRafael Dist 10) 916-319-2010 415-479-4920 P.O.Box 942849, Sacto 94249-0010



If you prefer not to talk with a live person, call during off-hours